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Christopher Fowler's Peculiar Crimes Unit Series

(9 books)

The Peculiar Crimes Unit in London is, well, a bit peculiar. As evidenced by
their two chief detectives: the brilliant and eccentric Arthur Bryant and the
capable and gallant John May. As also evidenced by the nature of the crimes they
are asked to investigate and the way they proceed to solve them. Marvelous

listed in natural order:

1- (2004) Full Dark House Buy the book
2- (2004) The Water Room Buy the book
3- (2005) Seventy-Seven Clocks Buy the book
4- (2006) Ten Second Staircase Buy the book
5- (2007) White Corridor Buy the book
6- (2008) The Victoria Vanishes Buy the book
7- (2009) Bryant and May on the Loose Buy the book
8- (2010) Bryant and May Off the Rails Buy the book
9- (2011) The Memory of Blood Buy the book Buy the ebook
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